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Attention – Unique opportunity!

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We have an extraordinary opportunity, that maybe so no one had even for the animals in Ukraine !!!

We can assume a large part of the furniture, equipment and accessories from a veterinary practice in Germany for 2,700 Euro and send it to Ukraine !!!

Wouldn’t that be great?

The stuff would go to the veterinary clinic in Kiev, which treated the street animals and receives no financial support.
Look at the pictures (unfortunately everything is not on it).
For example, X-ray unit incl. Accessories (such as table, image plates, aprons, gloves, etc.)
Cautery, Scaler, surgical lights, lots of surgical instruments, microscope, centrifuge,
Operating table, hot-air, desks, chairs, cabinets, manuals, reference books and more …
Those who are familiar with prices of such devices, they knows how low that is.
But for us this is still a huge sum, which we can not afford alone.

We urgently need help to enable this opportunity for the animals in the Ukraine …
Let this wonderful opportunity come true, be a part of this great action and supports us

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